PT shares his passion for MYZONE

March 23, 2017

A personal trainer who fell in love with MYZONE® while trialing the technology is now incorporating it into his business, so his clients can benefit from the system and its activity trackers.

Adam Fretwell runs a personal training studio from AJKM Hockey Barn in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. It’s the Midlands’ only synthetic ice rink used by the local community, East Midlands Sports and Hockey Academy, as well as other clubs and trainers. Adam provides exercise and nutrition education and tuition to the academy’s young ice hockey players, six of which play for the England U13 and U15 squads, as well as offers personal training and pay-as-you-go group sessions.

MYZONE heart rate activity trackers

“I saw that the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team were using MYZONE® so I purchased a belt to try the technology myself. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a sponsorship lead promotion,” says Adam.

“I loved it and the feedback it gave me, so I started showing my clients how it worked and let them see the statistics on my phone. They looked into MYZONE® themselves and started asking how they could get one.”

Following the interest among clients, Adam installed two screens in his PT studio allowing clients working out in the cardio room or weights/functional area to use the activity trackers and monitor their workouts in real time.

activity trackers MYZONE

“The clients who have MYZONE® are hooked. One man went back home to get his belt when he forgot it saying: ‘I don’t mind wasting petrol money, but I’m not missing MEPS.’ This man is in his mid-30s and says MYZONE® has given him more focus in the gym. Even though he dislikes running, I can see that he has hit the treadmill in every gym workout for the last two weeks because he wants the MEPS. MYZONE® really motivates him,” says Adam.

The technology has also encouraged clients to take more responsibility for their fitness.

“It’s made them realise that they have to work away from sessions. One PT session a week won’t cut it and they can now see the effort they need to put in to get results. I’m getting messages from clients most days asking if I’ve seen their gym workout or their run and their MEPS; they are really pleased with their effort.”

The PT studio has just taken stock of a second PC, which means the junior hockey players now have access to MYZONE® during their on-ice sessions, helping with their training and development.

“MYZONE® is very useful for me both as a trainer and a business owner. I can see the intensity clients are working at and ensure their warm ups and cool downs are as they should be. And because it turns training into a fun game, clients want to come back and train even harder next time. As a club owner, you would be daft not to sign up to MYZONE®.”

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