Active Tameside’s Active Copley

April 27, 2015

MYZONE® has been installed in the gym and the Myride indoor cycling studio at Active Copley to support members working out individually or as part of a group. The immediate feedback has been extremely positive.

Mark Tweedie: “Members really like the simplicity of MYZONE and the ability to see how much effort they are putting into their exercise. Effort is what makes the difference. So many people give up on exercise because they are frustrated by the lack of results. With MYZONE, our members can see if they are putting in the effort they need to get the results they want.”

The technology is playing a key role in Active Tameside’s new Triathlon program. Launched this January, it includes strength, running and cycling sessions and MYZONE’s effort tracking is ideal for members as they train in and outside the gym.

Staff are also benefiting from the technology. “One of our team members in is her twenties and has a heart condition. MYZONE helps her track how her heart is working.”

“MYZONE simplifies the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) guidelines, so people know what they should be aiming for, but it also allows us to track their progress.”

“Our aim is to get the people in our community active, whether that’s at home, in one of our gyms, on a badminton court or on one of our health walks. MYZONE is helping us to motivate and engage with people so that they have a better chance of meeting and even exceeding the CMO guidelines and therefore enjoying better health.”

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