Steps to improving your running game

July 21, 2016

Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio. An age old form of exercise, running is enjoyed by both young and old as well as beginners and seasoned athletes all around the world. If you’re just starting out or simply looking for ways to improve your running performance, take a look at our list of tips below to see which methods will be able to help you get to the next level in your running and fitness.


Get the right gear

When you’re looking to enhance your running performance, it’s important that you look at what you’re wearing. Are your short inhibiting your stride? Is your shirt oversized and causing you to catch too much wind? What about your shoes? Is there a better style that would help you power up and down trails? Is there a more specific shape or style that does better on pavement? It is wise to do your research to find a suitable style and fit so you’re not causing injury or stunting your running progress.


Create the perfect playlist

Studies show that running to music can boost your running performance by 15%. Throughout your song selection process, it is in your best interest to look to the BPM (beats per minute) of each song to see what the most effective lineup is for you. According to the New York Times, “For a stroll walker going at a pace of around 3 miles an hour, a remixed track has a count of 115 to 118 B.P.M.; for a power walker going 4.5 m.p.h., the count is 137 to 139 B.P.M., while the B.P.M. for a runner elevates to 147 to 160. Depending on the type of run you’re doing, you may want the BPM closer to 130 or up near 150. It is wise to make multiple playlists so you’re always ready with a set of songs that will align with whatever type of run you’re going to do. Check out this link for a chart to help you find the right BPM.


Fuel up and hydrate

Proper hydration is a key aspect of any vigorous exercise regimen. When you workout or run, you sweat and your heart works harder to get oxygen to the muscles that you’re working and your body’s blood volume decreases. Managing your fluid intake while running, especially long distance or during hot weather, can make or break your running progress. It is best to hydrate both before, during, and after a long run. For the most accurate advice, it is best to consult with your trainer or running coach. You can also check out the advice of Runner’s World for great advice on how hydration relates to running intensity and length. Eating the proper food before and after your run is just as important as staying hydrated. To learn when and what to eat to improve your performance, check this article out.


Switch it up

Running may your favorite form of exercise and an integral part of your fitness and cardio regiment, but it’s important to remember that running can’t be all that you do. To stay your fittest and healthiest, you’ve got to do more than just run. Running may be your go-to cardio, but you need to take part in other forms of exercise that engage the muscle groups that running doesn’t. Try a few HIIT circuits, zumba, a spin class, pilates, anything that keeps you moving and helps you target other muscle groups so that you’re able to stay looking and feeling your best. You may quickly find that the extra workouts you’re taking part in are able to contribute to your daily runs. Your form may improve because you’re strengthening your core and improving your overall balance.


Track your progress

There is no better way to see how you’re progressing in your running than by tracking your results. We can’t think of a better way to track your running efforts than with an accurate heart rate tracking chest strap like the MZ-3. Investing in the best wearable possible will not only help you track your progress, but it will help you benchmark and set more specific goals for the future. There are multiple running-specific apps that you can look into to see if they are able to track your progress alongside your MYZONE app so that you continue to progress and get the most out of every run.


Set attainable goals

A good goal has several factors, beginning with specificity. Setting a specific goal means that you have something concrete to work toward. If your goal is flexible, you’ll be less likely to put in all of the work required to meet it. A running goal could be to run continuously for a certain amount of time, to break a personal record, or to run for a certain number of days each week or month.


Award yourself

Make sure to give yourself a little something for meeting your goal. A prize trip to your favorite restaurant, a new pair of running shoes, a day trip to your favorite weekend spot, whatever it is that would motivate you to keep going–make that your award for meeting your goal.
Which of these tips will you implement to improve your running? Are you going to take some time to reevaluate your song selection and wardrobe? Or do you think your performance is being hindered by a lack of nutrition or hydration? We would love to see your progress and continue to encourage you along your fitness journey. Share what running tips you apply by using #myzonemoves or #effortrewarded on social media and we’ll be sure to cheer you on as you progress in your running!

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