2 High Intensity Workouts in Under 30 Minutes

November 2, 2017

Looking for high intensity workouts that are also time-efficient? We got you covered. In October, we focused on the MYZONE Zones and Heart Rate. Check out our recent blogs about heart rate recovery and resting heart rate to learn more.

Now we’re giving you a taste of all the MYZONE zones in less than 30 minutes! We’ve come up with two high intensity training workouts for you to follow. Grab your belt, and let’s get to it!


High Intensity Workout #1:  The 20:20:20!

Total Time: 29 minutes

This workout can be performed using a cardio modality of your choice.

Warm Up:

5 minutes in the BLUE zone (60-69% max heart rate; moderate intensity)

2 minutes in the GREEN zone (70-79% max heart rate; moderate to high intensity)

Conditioning Period:

The 20:20:20 workout consists of 20 high intensity intervals: 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds of recovery (written 20:20). The 20 intervals are broken into 4 total rounds of 5 intervals (20:20) with a short break in between.

Rounds 1 – 4:

Perform 5 intervals of 20 seconds of work (all-out effort) and 20 seconds of recovery (as much recovery as possible).

Aim for the YELLOW zone (80-89% max heart rate; high intensity) during the work phase of your first 3 intervals and the RED zone (90%+ max heart rate) during your last 2 intervals. Aim to recover as much as possible during the 20 second recovery phase of the interval.

After performing all 5 intervals, recover down into the GREEN or BLUE zone and perform active recovery for 2 minutes. Then on to the next round!


Intervals Work: Zone: Recovery: Zone:
1 20 seconds YELLOW 20 seconds GREEN
2 20 seconds YELLOW 20 seconds GREEN
3 20 seconds YELLOW 20 seconds GREEN
4 20 seconds RED 20 seconds YELLOW
5 20 seconds RED 20 seconds YELLOW
Active Recovery x 2 minutes

Cool Down:

At the end of round 4, perform an active recovery cool down by decreasing your intensity gradually over 3 minutes until you recover into the BLUE or GRAY (50-59% max heart rate) zone.


High Intensity Workout #2:  Hard Core Endurance Circuit

Total Time: 27 minutes

This workout is designed as a muscular endurance circuit that will also amp your heart rate up!

Warm Up:

Perform a general cardio warm up or a dynamic warm up of your choice for 7 minutes. Aim for the BLUE and GREEN zones.

Conditioning Period:

The conditioning period will consist of 3 rounds of 5 exercises. Perform each exercise for 50 seconds, and take 10 seconds to rotate to the next exercise. Aim for the YELLOW zone while you perform each exercise.

Take a 60 second recovery in-between rounds 1 and 2. Aim for the GREEN or BLUE zone during the recovery period.


  1. Lower Body Push: Squat (can use body weight or barbell or dumbbell)
  2. Lower Body Pull: Single Leg Deadlift (25 seconds on each side; use barbell or dumbbell)
  3. Upper Body Push: Power Push Ups (can be performed on the floor, bench, or wall; propel yourself from the bottom of the push up so that your hands leave the surface at the top of your push up)
  4. Upper Body Pull: Battle Rope Hustle (start at the end of the battle rope and hand-over-hand pull the rope in as fast as you can; emphasize using the muscle of your upper back to pull the rope toward your body; repeat if necessary)
  5. Core: Walking Inch Worms (walk your hands forward as far as you can maintain a plank position; walk your feet toward your hands using your core; repeat)

Cool Down:

Perform an active recovery cool down (light cardio) for 3 minutes and aim for the GRAY zone by the end.


Keep moving forward!

We hope you enjoy these workouts! We’d love to hear feedback from you. Tune in during our Fitness Friday broadcast on the MYZONE Facebook Page and let us know your thoughts!

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