Urban Cave

June 15, 2015

A boutique personal training, Pilates and sports therapy studio has launched in London’s Soho utilizing MYZONE.

Owned by husband and wife team, Brett Durney and Sandra Calva, Urban Cave offers exclusive one to one Pilates and personal training complemented by physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports massage services to provide a complete circle of care.

The 1,000sq ft studio, which caters for just two clients at one time, launched in January and currently runs approximately 80 one to one sessions a week. The owners decided to incorporate MYZONE into the offering after using the product in a former business.

“We know from our previous experience that we can train people much more effectively using MYZONE. It gives us the ability to set realistic targets at the beginning of a session, such as the number of calories burned or MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points), and we can also use it to promote clients’ results after their workouts on social media, which helps promote our work,” says Durney.

The premium facility serves people of all ages and abilities, including those with injuries, as well as a significant number of high-powered individuals. MYZONE is particularly useful when dealing with this clientele, says Durney: “If we are training someone with a stressful job, like a CEO, we don’t want to over-stress them during their work out. Being able to accurately monitor their heart rate is incredibly important. High intensity training has its place, but you can’t do it all the time. Having the technology to be able to educate people about their heart rate and the different zones they should be working out at is invaluable to our work.”

“We are a specialist facility and people are paying a premium for our services. They expect us to offer the latest technology like MYZONE. We wouldn’t be without it.”


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