SNAP Fitness Winnipeg and Manitoba Canada

June 1, 2016

Scott Jordan recently implemented MYZONE in two facilities he owns in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

He heard about MYZONE’s award winning technology at a trade show convention, just days after he opened his first gym in the fall of 2015. Jordan was attracted to the instant results MYZONE allows members to receive and decided to implement it in his two facilities in February and March of 2016.

In just a few short months, Jordan says he’s already noticed a difference in his member’s behavior, specifically with how hard they’re pushing themselves during a workout. With the instant effort feedback provided by MYZONE’s heart rate monitor screen, members know exactly how much harder they need to work or if they’re in danger of overworking.

“I’ve actually had members come up to me already and say ‘hey I thought I was doing well with my workouts, but I’ve put on a MYZONE belt and I was staying in the green zone,’ that’s when I politely tell the member ‘maybe you should pick up your workout a little bit,’” said Jordan.

Jordan has also positioned MYZONE as a way to increase member retention in his growing business. 

“If they (members) start to wear MYZONE and they come to rely on it when they’re working out, they’re going to keep coming back to my location because I’m one of the only gyms in the area who has it,” said Jordan, “They’re going to stay with SNAP Fitness longer because they think ‘oh if I leave, I can’t take my MYZONE workout data with me and I want to get that feedback on my workouts.”

In the coming months, Jordan hopes to continue to educate his members about the benefits of MYZONE. 

“It’s easy to sell something that works. People love getting direct feedback – it’s instant feedback with MYZONE and right after their workout people think ‘wow I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ that’s pretty awesome,” said Jordan.

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