Horizon Fitness

June 22, 2015

Horizon Fitness is rolling out its successful small group training product with MYZONE.

Launched in 1997, Horizon Fitness has 23 sites in the Middle East serving 20,000 members. The group’s portfolio comprises single-sexed facilities as well as mixed clubs with facilities ranging from gyms, group fitness, tennis and squash to swimming pools and health and beauty.

The company launched its Engine Room product in Al Athaiba, Muscat in September 2014, rolling out to two other sites in October. Based around small group training, the Engine Room is a 30-minute high intensity training workout using functional training techniques, which incorporates MYZONE. The sessions take place in a purpose built studio made from glass, black checker plates with black flooring and flashing red lights. Equipment includes a PurMotion Rig, slam balls, battle ropes, Bulgarian bags, med balls kettlebells and much more.

The four high intensity programs – V6, V8, V12 and a muscle-building program V10 – are designed to train 12 participants at high intensity over 30 minutes covering strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination. 

“The challenge was to ensure that all clients put in the same effort to achieve similar results. I also wanted the personal training touch in a group environment, while having the competitive aspect of peer pressure,” says Steven Wileman, Chief Operating Officer of Horizon Fitness.

“This is why I introduced MYZONE; it acts like a handicap system allowing us to drive all participants to the same effort levels and controlling the pace of the class. It also allows the mechanics (class instructors) to focus on the quality of each individual’s movement while encouraging them to work as hard as they can.”

“We know it’s not the duration of the workout that counts, but the efficiency and effort in which you maximize your energy and focus, and this is what The Engine Room delivers. MYZONE ensures participants realize how much effort is needed in the class and allows them to understand more can be achieved in less time,” he says.

The technology has allowed Horizon to offer a safer and more inclusive alternative to CrossFit, says Wileman: “I believe functional training is suitable for everyone. To some extent CrossFit has hindered this with the conformist nature of cross-fitters, the drive to follow the Paleo diet and the dangerous nature of the exercises and (WODs) Workouts of the Day. The Engine Room changes that; it allows high intensity functional training in a safer and more controlled environment while driving participants to their own personal limits using MYZONE.”

Such has been the success of the Engine Room that Horizon is rolling the concept out to other locations, he says: “The fact that a Mechanic can train 12 people in 30 minutes and achieve better results than a single personal trainer working with one client for 60 minutes has seen demand for the product grow exponentially. So much so, that we are building a further four Engine Rooms across our locations.”

Both the Engine Room small group personal training and MYZONE are charged at an additional cost to membership, bringing in valuable additional revenue. 

“MYZONE is essential to those taking part in the Engine Room; it’s how we drive the class and measure performance. To date, we have sold 375 MYZONE systems to 400 Engine Room customers. In this market and for a brand new product, this has been a huge success for us. As a result, we are looking at taking the Engine Room to Dubai, Jordan and London,” says Wileman.

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