Heartcore Fitness

September 8, 2016

A studio class developed around MYZONE has become the most popular session on the timetable for the boutique fitness group Heartcore Fitness.

Jess Schuring launched Heartcore in 2007 with a Pilates studio in London’s Kensington. Since then, the group has expanded to seven sites in Notting Hill, Hampstead, Chelsea, Fulham, City and Park Lane. The studios offer small group training classes such as Dynamic Pilates, High Intensity TRX and Barre.

“We’re not a conventional gym; you could describe what we do as personal training in a small group setting. We restrict the size of our high intensity classes to eight to ten people, which allows our instructors to maintain that one to one connection with people, which is very important to our concept,” says Gok Yesodharan, Head of TRX/HIIT at Heartcore Fitness.

The group was keen to take advantage of the increasing trend for wearable technology to meet the demands of their clients. “Our members wanted to be able to view their performance; they wanted more transparency from their workouts to see how their programs were working. So, we started looking in the market for the best providers of heart rate monitors and came across MYZONE. They were the most proactive in engaging with us and offered us a trial of the technology,” he says.


Heartcore started trailing MYZONE at its Fulham studio last June developing a small group training class around the technology. The 55-minute class has been specifically designed to maximize fat burn while preserving lean muscle and building strength through a series of bodyweight exercises. Named FiTRX, the high intensity class uses a unique combination of TRX-based strength training and HIIT intervals to encourage members to work to their maximum heart rate. The class incorporates MYZONE allowing participants to view their heart rate and calorie burn data, which is projected onto the wall, so they can track their performance and make sure they’re working in the optimal performance zones.

“The feedback from members about the class has been great; they love it. They say that working with MYZONE encourages them to push themselves harder than if they were working without it. It also allows our instructors to personalize their motivation and identify who they need focus on during the class,” says Yesodharan.

The technology has worked especially well for newcomers. “It takes time to master the technique of the exercises, which can sometimes be frustrating for beginners who feel they are not getting the most out of the class. With MYZONE they can clearly see they are still getting a great workout, which encourages them to keep going,” he says.

Heartcore currently runs 10 FitRX classes a week and following its success, will offer the class at its new studio in St John’s Wood, which launches in January, before rolling it out to other sites in the group.

“MYZONE is about challenging yourself and battling your own system, which is perfectly suited to the Heartcore model which is entirely about offering a personal service in a small group setting.”

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