Grandville Fit Bootcamp Uses MYZONE’s Heart Rate System

December 5, 2016

Ryan Ross, Co-Owner of Grandville Fit Bootcamp, first introduced MYZONE’s heart rate system in his facility to ensure member engagement.

“We want to keep people in our facility. We want to keep them engaged and involved. I recognize MYZONE as a great way to do that,” said Ross.

Ross said it’s the gamification aspect of MYZONE that he knew his members would love.

“It turns the workout into a game and makes it more interactive,” said Ross.

Ross said in this first three weeks of implementing MYZONE’s heart rate system in his facility, he already had 150 members purchase the belt to engage with the technology.

“It’s still new for us. I’m still learning everything that we can do with it, but I like the opportunity we have to run challenges and engage our members,” said Ross.

Ross hopes in the next couple of months he will begin implementing MYZONE challenges throughout his facility. He said when looking long term, he looks forward to seeing an increase in member retention.

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