New Integrated Health and Wellbeing Programme Transforms Chiropractic Patients

January 26, 2017

A chiropractic practice in Canterbury, Kent has introduced an integrated functional health and wellbeing programme to transform the lives of its clients. Working with MYZONE®, the programme encompasses chiropractic, functional fitness, nutrition, massage, and mindfulness.

Hope Spinal Wellness was founded by husband and wife team Scott and Veronica Hope in 1999. After investing over £100,000 to refurbish the practice, which includes a fully equipped gym and functional fitness area, the Hopes introduced a holistic lifestyle modification programme called 8 Weeks to Wellness (8WW) in April 2016 to complement and enhance their chiropractic services. Their motto is: ‘give us 8 weeks and we will change the rest of your life.’

“Traditionally people visit chiropractors when in pain, and after treatment, resume their normal lives and the problems may return. The 8WW programme aims to address the cause of lifestyle healthcare conditions, taking a holistic approach to pain, prevention, and wellness,” says Scott Hope.

Participants of the programme take part in two in-house functional fitness sessions per week, two outside training sessions, chiropractic, massage, nutritional and diet modification, as well as supplementation including Omega-3, Probiotics and Vitamin D3, and mindfulness/meditation daily. All exercise activity is monitored and tracked through the MYZONE® heart rate monitoring system.


Since launching 8WW, 30 clients have completed the programme ranging in age from 16 to 70. Over the course of eight weeks, there has been an average weight loss of 16.5 lbs, average waist loss of 4.2 inches, an average drop in BMI of 2.6 points and a reduction of 13 points in diastolic blood pressure.

“We are achieving phenomenal results with our clients. Both new and existing individuals taking part in the 8WW are not only feeling better but actually functioning at a much better and higher level as our results indicate. We are seeing fundamental shifts in peoples’ health and lifestyle behaviours without the use of medication.  In my opinion, this is the future of functional healthcare,” says Scott Hope.

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