May 11, 2015

A new studio offering bespoke body transformation programs has launched in Watford with MYZONE.

FitStart is the brainchild of personal trainer Aaron Phillips who launched the concept after helping Maria Twomey, a mother of three, to transform her body in just three months with a combination of diet and exercise.

“Being a busy mum and working nights had taken their toll on Maria and her fitness and health were in a terrible state. Working together, Maria lost three stone in three months and she recently came second in Miami Pro’s Over 35s Ms. Bikini competition. More than this, she has found a new self-confidence and energy,” says Phillips.

Inspired by her success, Twomey trained to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach, and together with Phillips fine-tuned the coaching and nutrition program to help clients lose two and a half to three stone in fat in 90 days.

Central to the concept is MYZONE, which each FitStart member receives as part of a three, six or 12 month membership package. Membership includes access to small weight training classes of no more than five people as well as bespoke nutritional advice and programming. FitStart also offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee if members aren’t completely satisfied with their results.

MYZONE belts are worn during the classes to monitor clients and ensure they are working to their optimum heart rate to guarantee results. The technology is also used for monthly challenges, such as maximum calories burned, which a female client won after burning 27,500 calories in one month.

“MYZONE has been invaluable. As a start up, you need the right support at the right time if you are to grow and succeed, and the MYZONE team has over-delivered time and time again. The technology has also improved my sales -the product is unique and clients like the fact that it’s so easy to use. It allows me to give members personalized training programs while making them accountable for their workouts and it really helps to elevate their motivation in the classes. With MYZONE’s help, we are giving people the confidence to start living rather than just existing,” says Phillips.

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