Fitness First Middle East

June 29, 2015

Fitness First Middle East has incorporated MYZONE into every new membership in the group as part of its retention strategy.

A franchise owned and operated under license by Landmark Group, Fitness First Middle East has more than 60,000 members in 38 clubs across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait.

In line with its tradition of bringing cutting edge innovation to its members, Fitness First was the first health and fitness chain to introduce MYZONE to the Middle East when it launched the revolutionary exercise tool in its Ibn Battuta club in early 2013.  Since then, MYZONE has become firmly embedded in the organization with more than 13,990 members now using MYZONE.

“MYZONE has added a whole new dimension to our business,” says George Flooks, chief operating officer of Fitness First Middle East and North Africa.” We are focused on innovation and saw MYZONE as a great opportunity to once again be the market leader in offering our members the latest innovation to transform their progress, and most importantly, results.”

“We have incorporated MYZONE into every new membership as we see MYZONE as an integral part of our members’ journey and the significant role MYZONE plays in our retention strategy,” he says.

Such is the company’s determination to ‘live the brand’, that the MYZONE belt has become part of the Fitness First uniform with staff at all levels expected to use their belt at least eight times a month. All staff are issued belts at cost price, or receive one for free if they sell six belts. Freelance instructors are given a free MYZONE belt and must wear it while they are teaching.

“As a business, it has given us the added benefit that we can monitor and encourage all of our staff to train using the belts and all data is captured and stored online through the website and the staff challenges we run,” says Flooks.

But the key, he says, is to lead by example: “It’s imperative that you set the example from the top. Personally, I have achieved more than 30,000 MEPs in 2014 so far, averaging 17 workouts a month.”

As well as engaging staff, MYZONE has been positively received by members and has brought a new dynamic into the clubs, says Mark Botha, the company’s group operations and marketing director: “MYZONE has been a huge success story for Fitness First Middle East. It helps push members and keeps them motivated to carry on. We encourage our members through challenges, league tables and visible screens in all active areas of our clubs and this creates a great vibe and energy on the gym floor.”

“The fact that your training is now visible is a huge benefit for our members and staff who can see how they are progressing with every workout. This helps them significantly with goal setting and goal attainments. Effort is now measurable and this is key for our members who are often new to exercise and can see that even with basic fitness levels, they are working at the various effort levels which are easy to follow with the color-coded heart rate zones,” he says.

MYZONE has even transformed his own training, says Botha: “There is nowhere to hide and the visual graph is incredible motivating. It’s got so addictive that if I train without my belt, I feel like I’ve wasted the workout. Everyone who is serious about getting results should use MYZONE.”

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