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Key Benefits of Myzone

Members stay longer

Myzone Members stay 24% longer than members without Myzone

Source: Village Hotels, UK

Myzone increases club visits

Myzone increases club visits by 33%.

Source: Mid-Town Athletic Club, N.America

Increase primary spend

Members with Myzone spend 2.09 x more than the non Myzone user.

Source: Fitness BI, USA

Increase secondary spend

Myzone users spend 2 times more than the average gym-goer.

Source: Fitness BI, USA

Myzone users are loyal

Myzone increases members NPS score by 11 points, which means they're more likely to refer a friend to your club.

Source: MXM, USA

Myzone builds community

Myzone users who have more than 4 social connections crank out 41% more exercise than those with 0 social connections.

Source: Myzone Insight

Higher NPS Score

The net satisfaction of Myzone users with fitness results correlates with high NPS score.

Source: MXM, USA

Increase membership rate

Myzone users' net satisfaction with fitness results correlates with likelihood to be a member in 6 months

Source: MXM, USA

Increase satisfaction

Myzone users are more satisfied with their fitness results.

Source: MXM, USA

Myzone connects to existing
fitness equipment via Ant+ technology.

Represented in over 6,000 facilities in 30+ countries and translated into 19 languages, Myzone is used by health & fitness clubs, corporate wellness sites, educational establishments or anyone wanting to track their physical activity.

In 2018 Myzone has been recognized by IHRSA as the
Associate Member of the Year.

Myzone delivers a wearable and digital technology solution for the fitness industry.

It delivers ROI, motivation, connectivity, engagement, improved retention, improved secondary spend and most importantly data!

Myzone is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures real-time heart rate, calories and effort data. Physical activity from both inside and outside of the club is wirelessly uploaded to a user, trainer, and owner cloud account, providing relevant data that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

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