The MZ-60 is the newly launched Myzone watch. Designed as a retro; classic sports watch, for those committed advocates, where traditional design with functionality is key for training.

The MZ-60 is ideal for those who want to see their heart rate and gain constant feedback for their physical activity.

The MZ-60 pairs seamlessly with the MZ-3 and is available in two sizes (40mm and 44mm face), as well as offering hard wearing sweat resistant straps.

*The Myzone MZ-3 is required to be worn at the same time to gain heart rate feedback directly on the watch. The watch is not a heart rate monitor.

Push your effort tracking to next level with the exclusive MZ-60 features.

24 hour or 12-hour clock


Water resistant to 30m


Live heart rate data display

        Streamed directly from the MZ-3

Cell battery operated

To purchase an MZ-60 contact your club or click below