The MZ-1 is the newest module from Myzone. It uses Bluetooth technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort. The MZ-1 has no internal memory so is best used within a Myzone Club where the data can be uploaded to your account immediately.

Designed specifically for the class goer in mind.

The MZ-1 works inside a Myzone enabled club as well as with the Myzone app. The belt also talks to 3rd party apps and devices providing you with a motivating and rewarding workout experience.

Seamless connectivity.
Seamless Effort Tracking.

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Engaging platform designed to be used in a Myzone club environment


Connects with gym equipment, in club display screens and the Myzone App.

Sync with Myzone App

Download the Myzone app to get live results whilst you workout when you are not in a club setting.

Myzone Social Network

Achieve your health and fitness goals with motivational support from friends through a Myzone social network and use Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) to give yourself the motivation you deserve.

Flexible usability
& Durability


The MZ-1 comes with a washable strap so you can also stay fresh and sweat free.


The MZ-1 is sweatproof.

Cell-Battery Operated

The Myzone MZ-1 is supported by coin-cell battery that can be easily changed or replaced when exhausted.

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