Summary: The Myzone MZ-3 is featured on Trusted Reviews as one of the best heart rate monitors for 2018. The piece mentions the MZ-3’s key features including its “gamified approach with personalized effort levels.”

The best health and fitness gadgets

Summary: The Myzone MZ-3 is included in this Portfolio piece as one of the best health and fitness gadgets. The piece notes “If wristwear doesn’t appeal, there’s a number of other ways to apply a high-tech approach when exercising. The Myzone activity belt straps around the chest and provides real-time feedback on heart rate and
Summary: The Myzone MZ-3 is featured on Women’s Health as a way to keep your weight loss motivation high. The piece notes you can “Track your progress with the Myzone MZ-3, which gives an effort-based reading based on your maximum heart rate.”

Fitness: Your own competition

Summary: The Myzone Sports Bra and MZ-3 are featured on the ‘Fitness’ pages of the magazine as wearable tech to boost your own competition. The piece notes, the fitness tracker “knows when you’ve put in the hard graft, so rewards your effort rather than achievements.” Launched in 2006, Women’s Fitness aims to be “the ultimate
Summary: The Myzone Sports Bra is featured in the Daily Express as the best wearable tech to give your gym kit a high-tech makeover. The piece mentions that “the fusion of fitness monitoring equipment and fashion is one of the year’s hottest trends.” The Daily Express is a daily national newspaper first published in 1900.
Summary: The Myzone MZ-3 is mentioned in a piece that discusses the best wearables to help you hack your way to a full body upgrade. The piece notes “If you’d rather not wear something on your wrist, the MYZONE heart-rate belt sits around your chest and links to your smartphone”. The feature is also included

Active Innovation

The MZ-3 belt is featured as a product to help “start living the 2018 fitness lifestyle”. Starring as the only heart rate monitor in this roundup of fitness products, the Myzone Physical Activity Belt “tracks your progress (using heart-rate monitoring technology)”. The Myzone app is mentioned for allowing you to “like and comment on friends’
I’m often asked how to start a journey to good health and fitness. Not all Dads are into chugging protein shakes while trying to lift weights in a gym that is way too busy. Perhaps they need something that fits their schedule or their personal goals a bit better.