The Myzone MZ-3 is featured in this roundup of helpful tech that “will keep you right on track”. Myzone’s heart rate monitor is the only one to be featured in the roundup. Katie Strick highlights the “99.4 per cent accuracy” and “in-built memory” which means “you can make each session count even when you’ve not
In’s Fathers Day gift guide, the Myzone Compression T-Shirt is featured. Along with a stunning lifestyle image, pricing information and a click through to Myzone’s website, the compression t-shirt is the only fitness product included in the roundup.
Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you exercise. It analyses your potential based on your maximum heart rate and then creates bespoke targets just for you.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

In a round-up of must-have cycling accessories, the MZ-3 belt is featured as the only fitness tracker on the page. During exercise, “the Myzone will dependably record your suffering, and thanks to its in-built 16-hour memory, can do so independently of a Bluetooth-paired device and companion app”. Founded in the Autumn of 2012, Cyclist was

Measure of Success

In an article about the data-driven approach to workouts and how it can help you become “fitter, faster and stronger”, the MZ-3 belt is featured as one of the best fitness trackers to use. Included at the bottom of the page with an image of the vibrant red belt, it is clearly one of the

Get Technical

In a stunning fashion spread about the best fitness accessories that “aren’t just about the looks” but “can help you train harder, faster and stronger…”, the MZ-3 fitness tracker stars as a fantastic addition to your gym kit. The belt is featured on the second page of the article and is clearly visible in the

Twitter Post

A photo and post of the Myzone MZ-3 is posted by @OK!_Magazine on Twitter. This is a great bit of publicity for Myzone as @OK!_Magazine has a huge 569,000 Twitter followers. The tweet reads: “So excited to use the @MYZONEmoves belt and app measuring heart rate, calories burned and effort! Thanks @lilredroosterpr #MondayMotivation”.
OK! Magazine feature the MZ-3 and Sports Bra as the perfect fitness accessory “which logs how fast your heart is beating, how many calories you burn” in this review of celebrity wellness hot spot The Grove
The Myzone Sports Bra and MZ-3 feature on Top Santé’s online win pages. They are described to “show effort while you exercise” it goes on to mention that the app “lets you compete with friends and view minute-by-minute breakdowns of activity during the day and in classes.”
The Myzone Sports Bra is featured on the Daily Express as the best wearable tech to give your gym kit a high-tech makeover. The piece mentions that “the fusion of fitness monitoring equipment and fashion is one of the year’s hottest trends.”
The Myzone MZ-3 is included in a piece that discusses the best wearables to give you a healthy head start in 2018. The piece notes “If you’d rather not wear something on your wrist, the MYZONE heart-rate belt sits around your chest and links to your smartphone”.
The Myzone MZ-3 is featured on Wareable as the best heart rate monitor for HIIT training. The piece notes “If you want more from your chest strap, the Myzone MZ-3 goes beyond churning out bpm (beats per minute) recordings.” It also adds that “Myzone adds a gameification element enabling you to compete against others, even