Best Gadgets For The Gym 2018

We can all benefit from keeping tabs on our training by using technology. Whether that’s to track data such as calories burned, distance covered and new personal bests, or simply to make a workout more enjoyable, or bearable.

The Lust Life

In Metro’s “The Lust List”, the Myzone sports bra is featured in eye-catching red. It is described as “a bra smarter than your average undergarment”. Myzone’s “app and gamification-led heart-rate-tracking activity belt plays nice with its dedicated sports bra to provide support and motivation where it matters”. Every weekday morning some 1.3 million copies are
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UNILAD Fitness

In UNILAD’s video, entitled “MYZONE Fitness Tracker” the MZ-3 is showcased as the best tech to help you “keep on top of your fitness goals.” The piece highlights that Myzone is “as accurate as a hospital’s EKG machine and can tell you how much effort you are putting into each exercise” as well as pointing
Forever the innovator, Myzone has a reputation for bucking trends and carving a path through unknown industry territory, which is why the brand is ideally paired as a sponsor of the equally innovative Gym Owners’ Business Podcast.

The heart of the matter

Heart rate training has been a buzzword over recent years, but what are the benefits of this form of training, and who’s doing it really well? Kate Cracknell speaks to Myzone CEO Dave Wright

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors

In a round-up of the “6 Best Heart Rate Monitors”, the MZ-3 is featured as a unique fitness tracker. Turning “the dreaded burn into a brilliant social game”, it “adds a healthy does of friendly competition to your regular workouts”. The piece mentions Zone Match which is perfect “if you don’t fancy challenging the rest
In a round up of the main ways in which tech can “improve your fitness”, the MZ-3 fitness tracker is featured as the best way to measure you’re heart rate during exercise. The fitness tracker receives a glowing review. A recurring point of praise is included: “the great thing about this is that your optimal
In Wareable’s roundup of news stories from the week, they announce that “Myzone brings more gaming fitness fun” with the Zone Match update. The piece describes the new feature as “all about cardio where the aim is to match an effort level indicated by a colour tile.” adding, “the more closely you match the coloured
In the Phoenix Magazine “From Spotted Stationary to Whiskey Lollies: 9 Beautiful Things To Boost Your Happy In June” feature, the My Zone sports bra is featured as one of 9 beautiful things. The monthly roundup telling you what to buy and why picks the sports bra for fitness kit that is “a bit more

Look good, feel good

In the Observer’s “Look good, feel good” feature, the MZ-3 activity belt is included as the best way to “keep tabs on your fitness regime”. The belt is placed in the middle of the page as the most striking piece in the feature. The Observer reaches a sophisticated readership of metropolitan professionals and provides an
The Zone Match update is announced on Morph Magazine’s website, where the device is praised for “rewarding effort and creating bespoke targets for users.”. The piece describes the new addition to the app as “absorbing, entertaining and utterly motivating”. It adds that “each Zone Match class result is rateable and shareable across your Myzone connections.”,


Ricki Hall shares a picture of his MZ-3 heart rate monitor belt on his Instagram stories, writing that he “can’t wait to start using my @myzonemoves”. Whether you are a fan of modelling, fashion, or manly beards, Ricki Hall brings it all to the table in a way that the world has never seen before.