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Built and designed for the fitness industry, Myzone was created to turn your club into a socially connected hub while providing accurate data that your members can trust.


Myzone was created so you can understand exactly what your customer is doing, how often they are doing it and with accurate data that you can utilize to make better business decisions



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Cherry Creek Athletic Club
Large multi-purpose facility
Denver, CO, USA
Boutique Studio
UK & Europe
Alloy Personal Training
Functional training facility
Atlanta, GA, USA

The 8 Aspects of Myzone

Myzone Facts

Fact 1 A Myzone user has 33% more visits to a club than a non Myzone user!
Fact 2 A Myzone user stays 24% longer than a user without Myzone!
Fact 3 A Myzone user will spend 3 times more than the average gym-goer!

Source - Midtown Athletic Club

Intensity matters and effort is a choice, so that's why we at Myzone measure and reward it.

Myzone is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned and effort in real time. With the Myzone platform, physical activity, both inside and outside of a club, is wirelessly uploaded to a cloud account where the user, a trainer or club owner can access anywhere in the world.

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