Meet the most versatile fitness tracker with 99.4% EKG accuracy.

The MZ-3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker in the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort.

Technology that drives user workouts to the next level.

The MZ-3 is a well-crafted piece of technology with multi-functional features that helps users to track their workouts, stay motivated and set goals to achieve maximum results from the effort you put in.

Keep moving by tracking customers efforts anywhere and everywhere.

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Engaging platform to kick-off your customer's fitness journey


Connects with gym equipment (Ant+), in club display screens and the Myzone App.

Sync with Myzone App

Download the Myzone app to get live results whilst you workout when you are not in a club setting.

Myzone Social Network

Achieve your health and fitness goals with motivational support from friends through a Myzone social network and use Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) to give yourself the motivation you deserve.

Flexible usability
& Durability


The MZ-3 comes with a washable strap so you can also stay fresh and sweat free.


The MZ-3 is waterproof up to 10 meters. It can resist the sweat from the moment you sparkle till you really workout!

Rechargeable battery

The MZ-3 comes ready charged, it should only be charged every 6 months (approx) using the Myzone charging cable via a computer.

Built-in Memory

Wherever and however you choose to train, the MZ-3’s built-in memory allows you to make every session count even when you’re training away from your gym and it’s not convenient to carry your smartphone.

To purchase the MZ-3 contact Myzone or purchase via the Shop option in the Owners dashboard.

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