Gamify your customers experience

The Myzone App gives real-time feedback during each workout to encourage effort in the moment. The app is user-friendly and intuitive and allows users to see their results anywhere, anytime. The app enables users to compete and connect with friends from within your facility, view workout history, develop social sharing, leaderboards, and feel part of a community adding real power to the motivational forces you can expect from Myzone. The Myzone app works for both android and iOS and stores the data.

Easy to use Features

When a club joins Myzone they receive a facility code that they provide to their customers. Operators can customise the home page showing the facility logo or chosen image.

Customers can view their most recent workout, MEP count, KCal count, average effort percentage and personal goals on their homepage feed.

Zone Match is a feature within the App in the workout tile. It is selected by pressing the ZM symbol. Here users will find 44 different Zone Match challenges to keep their workouts fresh and engaging, even when they are not in the club.

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