1The Products

Belt Technology & Memory

The Myzone belt utilizes a patented technology leveraging communication protocols such as Analogue, ANT + and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The Myzone belt stores up to 16 hours of memory for those times when users are out of range and not able to carry a smartphone. During soccer, a tough mudder or a run on the beach, their data is stored. Once they are within range of the Myzone hub or the Myzone mobile app the data automatically, wirelessly uploads.

Convenience & Comfort

The Myzone belt comes with a textile based strap and requires a simple USB recharge every 6 months, pending usage rate.

MZ3 Physical Activity Belt. Designed to be worn during all forms of exercise to track the user's exercise intensity.

MZ50 Watch. For the exercisers who don’t want to carry their smartphones while working out.

Sports Bra. Designed for maximum comfort while wearing a chest strap.


Myzone has been clinically tested to be 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine. The zones of intensity automatically calibrate to the users unique maximize heart rate. As opposed to wrist based heart rate devices, Myzone maintains its accuracy during all forms of exercise, high impact and high intensity included.


The Myzone system is designed to meet the customer where they want to be, providing interoperability with devices such as the Apple Watch, Garmin, and 3rd party apps like MapMyRun, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and others.

2The Group Display

Simple Installation

The Myzone system only requires a screen and internet for each exercise area (spin room, cardio, Small Group Training area). Existing in-club screens can be utilized with no additional wiring or AV work.

Stick PC and Touch Screen

The hardware required for an in-gym display is one of two options:

1. The Stick PC which plugs directly into a TV via HDMI and requires power and internet.

2. The touch screen option which is ideal for trainers who would like to interface with the menu before or after the workout.

TV Monitor

Most gyms will use a 60” monitor to display the tiles. Up to 99 tiles can fit on a screen at once, however most clubs have 30 on a screen and set the rotation to a frequency of every 5 seconds to scroll through all users. Myzone supports the ability to connect multiple screens via an HDMI splitter.

Cycle Class Option

Myzone can receive the ANT + signal from Keiser, Start Trac and Schwinn indoor cycling bikes, however to do so an additional bridge is required. The Myzone software will display RPM, Watts, Energy, HR, and will toggle to present watts and energy as a ratio to body weight for Myzone users.

3Myzone Effort Points

Why MEPS? The MEP system is used to achieve a level playing field among the Myzone community. Heart rate zones reflect the effort the user is applying, regardless of age or fitness levels. The MEP system makes “time x intensity = effort” easy to understand, while measuring the most important aspect of exercise: intensity.

meps scoring info
myzone stats

4User Interface

Effort Stream

Provides live exercise feedback and also uploads stored data.


Activity Log

Myzone tracks up to 3 years of exercise history, stored as a minute-by-minute analysis of the effort applied.



Use the power of a personal network leader board to motivate users each month. Friendly fire is motivating.


Social feed

Leverage the medium of the ever present ‘social wall’, giving thumbs up and passing comments to workout friends. Social accountability and social motivation drives exercise behaviors, with members connecting with one another as ‘friends’ positively influencing average length of stay.

Status graph.

The status rank system is based around the World Health Organizations guideline for physical activity and is used as a retention play to drive sustained exercise behaviours. For every month users achieve 1300 MEPS, they progress in status and for every month they miss, they lose ground.


Coach function.

Trainers can instantly view and comment on their clients workouts, check up on their ‘exercise’ homework, keep them accountable to achieving goals and give corrective feedback on the food they consume. Since Myzone can be uploaded from anywhere in the world, workout sessions are not limited to the club.


Apple Health.

Active burn calories, weight, height, BMI, BMR, blood pressure, body fat and heart rate can all be shared with the Apple Health portal.

myzone iphone app

5User Communication

Nurturing of New Use

New users are supported by a series of email communications that map out the functionality of the user interface.


Automated Post-workout Email

After each workout the user is congratulated with a post workout operator branded report summarizing their efforts.


End-of-Month Summary Email

At the end of each month, users receive a summary of all completed workouts that highlights their achievements with relevant content to help prepare them for the next month.


One Touch Support

Users and club staff have 24/5 access to one of the three Myzone offices around the world.

user communication

6Intuitive Reporting

KPI Reports

Operators can pull reports on their users in the management portal. Understanding member behavior provides the basis of business intelligence.


eCommerce Reports

Operators can view online device sales and commissions earned in real-time.

management portal

7Operator Resources


Myzone hosts an online education platform to help equip your club staff with knowledge around the value and relevance of the Myzone system from commercial and fitness training perspectives.



Marketing materials are hosted online, with physical and digital collateral available to help operators build awareness around the Myzone system.



Myzone’s online store allows members and prospective members to purchase products using a unique club discount code. The online store eliminates the need for clubs to hold stock and earns the club commissions that are paid monthly.



24/5 support via live chat, email and phone.

operator resources

8Best Practices

Online Sales Promotion Drives Revenue

Share your discount URL via email, website and social media to collect monthly commissions and to engage with a wide network through data driven marketing activities.


Member Onboarding Tool Drives Retention

Incentivize your new members to earn points and reward them after 30, 60 and 90 days. Gamification in this early stage helps drive long term exercise adherence.


Gamification Drives Engagement

Clubs can leverage group challenges, club vs club challenges and monthly prize draws to create extrinsic rewards for their general membership population.

Personal Training Value Add

Trainers can use Myzone to keep their clients accountable to their training programs, to measure heart rate recovery and to provide corrective feedback on the food they are eating.


Group Training Value Add

Team training is a premium to the membership dues, so use Myzone to justify this higher price by validating the higher calorie burn. This increases the likelihood of the member maintaining their secondary spend in Small Group Training.

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