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  • Where does Myzone go in my facility ?

    Myzone can be installed anywhere your members train but particularly anywhere you run group sessions. The receiver which picks up the signal from the members belts works on ‘line of sight’ so members need to be in the same room as the receiver. Each area is a ‘ZONE’ i.e. spin room, group exercise, functional training and main gym area. So an open functional training facility would be one zone but a large multifunctional centre may have up to 6 separate zones to provide live feedback across the whole facility.

  • How do you install it?

    Installing the Myzone system is quick and simple. The Myzone Hub ( the micro computer which runs the software) is supplied by Myzone as a ‘plug and play unit’ (so you don’t need to provide a computer to run the system). The Hub plugs directly into the HDMI port of your TV and connects to your internet (WiFi or LAN Cable) (see below). Your system is then ready to use ! You will be provided with instructions and our 24hr support desk are always on hand to help if needed.

  • What do I need to provide?

    The facility provides a monitor (usually a large TV) for each ‘zone’ and internet to the Hub. Depending on the size of your zones you may connect multiple Tv’s to one Hub. Any TV with an HDMI port will do, so you may be able to use existing TV’s. Most facilities would use a large (50’) TV but any brand will do the same job, so the larger and cheaper the better ! Each hub must also be connected to the internet to send the members data to the cloud so each Hub connects to your Wifi or LAN.

  • Does the system use much internet?

    No. The amount of data will depend on the usage of the system but data usage is minimal so does not generally require any change to your existing internet package.

  • How does a member use the system?

    They just need to register their belt via the App or online account, put the belt on and they can get started ! They will get live feedback as soon as they walk into the facility, or via the App when outside and the information will automatically be uploaded to their account and they will receive a post workout email branded by your facility. They can open the App at any time to use the features of the App, like setting goals, view workouts etc..

  • What information is on the screen during a class?

    The members tile will show the nickname they chose when registered the belt, % of Maximum Heart Rate and the color of their tile will also provide a clear visual indication of the effort zone the member is training in. In addition the member will see calories burned and the number of Myzone effort points for their session.

  • How many members can fit on the screen?

    Each system can stream up to 100 users simultaneously ! Depending on the size of the screen, number of users in a class and size of the facility you can dictate how many appear on one screen before the system scrolls to show other users. For example if you have 18 in a class you may set the system to show 6 at a time and scroll through 3 times or choose to show all at the same time. These settings are easily adjusted on the system to suit your facility.

  • Is the feedback accurate?

    Unlike wrist based and movement based devices which only measure certain types of exercise, heart rate is the gold standard of measuring effort. The Myzone belt is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine, and uniquely the system will also automatically calibrate to a users maximum heart rate so it will accurately reflect a user’s true effort rather than rely on prediction formulas. The feedback is also personalized to accurately show calories burned based on the individuals biometrics.

  • Do my members have to have their own belt ?

    Generally yes, once the member has registered their own belt they can use it and get live feedback for all their training, inside of outside of the facility. Members will appear on the screen when they enter the facility without any need to log in or out and can use the App to get live feedback when training outside. Having their own account means they can connect with other members, take part in challenges, and have a log of all of their training.
    Some facilities offer loan belts, allowing members to experience the live feedback before they purchase their own belt.

  • How do members get a belt?

    There are a range of deployment options depending on the type of facility.
    On option is for members to purchase a belt from you at the facility or use a unique discount unique to your facility to purchase directly online.
    Many facilities include the belts in memberships packages, as a retention tool and inventive for members. Others include them as part of programs ( 12 week challenges) or for PT clients. They also give belts away as prizes or as incentives.

  • Is this only for my fit members ?

    No. Myzone measures effort not fitness, creating a level playing field irrelevant of age, gender or fitness, so anyone can use the Myzone system. So in a mixed ability class, one member may do 30 burpees and a deconditioned member may do 2, but both will be in the yellow zone because the relative effort is the same. So both members are rewarded for their effort not the number of burpees! Myzone can also be a powerful onboarding tool for new members to add fun to their routine, set short terms goals, keeping them motivated and monitoring them through their initial weeks of their routine.

  • How do you apply it in group x ?

    Myzone provides instant live feedback during your Group X classes. This adds a unique element to your members Group exercise experience. The feedback provides motivation, encourages camaraderie and support amongst members, and provides an important tool for the trainer to objectively measure how hard members are training, taking out the guess work and providing an opportunity to encourage and recognize members for their achievements !

  • How do you apply it in boot camp ?

    The Myzone belt will record any workout when not in range of a Hub or Phone, so even if your members run around the block as part of their session, do bootcamp in the park or take part in a weekend adventure race, as long as they have their belt they can upload their workout via the Hub or App at a later point !

  • How do you apply it in PT?

    Not only can you track clients during sessions, but you can monitor your clients exercise away from the facility using the App. You can set clients ‘homework’, personal goals and provide instant feedback and support on their exercise and nutrition. Myzone allows you to offer a higher level of service and support to achieve their goals outside of the few hours you spend with them each week.

  • How much does it cost?

    Myzone can launched in your facility with minimal investment, and is a powerful engagement and retention tool. The initial cost is the purchase of the Hub, and a non contract monthly license fee covers the facility for all software updates, an unlimited number of users, administration pages, branded App and online accounts, 24hr support, staff training, use of the e-commerce site, marketing and support to successfully launch Myzone in your facility. Licensed facilities are able to buy belts at a discounted wholesale price to issue to members or offer members a unique discount code to purchase directly online and drive commission to the facility.
    Please contact Myzone to discuss the set up and application relevant to your business so we can provide a quote.

  • What support do I get?

    Myzone offer a range of services to ensure a successful launch ongoing to maximize your return as a member engagement and retention tool.
    Myzone facilities and members can access our 24hr support desk, via the App, email or our live chat service including remote access of your Myzone system so the answer to your question if never far away. In addition, facilities have access to an e-learning portal for staff training, e-marketing portal and ongoing account management to support you in maximizing use of the Myzone system.

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