Take Group Training to the next level with Myzone

The Myzone system

Myzone is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures individual and group heart rate, calories burned, and effort data.

Using the group heart rate tracking abilities of the MZ-3, each user's heart rate is measured with 99.4% accuracy to an EKG.

Physical activity from inside and outside of the club is wirelessly uploaded to a user, trainer, and owner cloud account, providing relevant data that can be accessed from anywhere.

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MEPS are Myzone Effort Points, awarded for each minute a user spends in one of the five color coded Myzone intensity zones.

MEPS level the playing field for your group members. This means a beginner is able to confidently compete against a seasoned athlete.

The MEP system makes “time x intensity = effort” easy to understand, while measuring the most important aspect of exercise: intensity.

MEPS encourage competition and get your group members competing against themselves and each other.

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The Myzone App

The Myzone App lets your group compete both inside and outside of the club.

The Activity Log tracks up to 3 years’ worth of exercise history and stores it as a minute-by-minute analysis of the effort applied.

The Leaderboard function ensures that your Group is motivated to reach their goals and pushes them to stay at the front of the pack each month.

The Social feed is where group members are able to encourage, give a thumbs up, or even brag about their personal progress. Social accountability and motivation drives exercise behaviors. When group members connect with one another as ‘friends’, they positively influence each other's average length of stay.

The Status Graph ranking system is based around the World Health Organizations guideline for physical activity and is used as a retention tool to drive sustained exercise behaviors. For every month group members achieve 1300 MEPS, they progress in status and for every month they miss, they lose ground.

Using the Coach Function, group leaders can instantly view and comment on group members workouts, check up on their ‘exercise’ homework, keep them accountable to achieving goals and give corrective feedback on the food they consume.

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Group Training Benefits

Myzone Group Display

The Myzone group display simply requires a TV screen and internet. Group members look to their personal Live Tile on the screen to see their effort level, calories burned, and MEPS earned. The group display shows group members the amount of effort they are putting into their workout and increases motivation to perform.

Value Add

Group training is a premium to the membership dues. Myzone to justifies this higher price by validating the higher calorie burn. This increases the likelihood of group members maintaining their secondary spend in Small Group Training.


Effort-based game functionalities like group challenges and leaderboards make exercise fun and engaging.

Engagement & Retention

Myzone’s group tracking heart rate platform engages via the Group Display, the Myzone App, and through Group Challenges. Myzone users are incentivised to stay with the group for a longer period of time than non-users because of the unique competitive and built-in social features the Myzone system provides.

Group Heart Rate Challenges

Increase group member accountability and motivation with Myzone challenges.

MEP challenges based on group heart rate provide members with a sense of competition while pushing them to collectively meet their goals.

Challenges can be MEP based, calorie based, or a combination. Selecting a challenge structure based on effort (MEPS) is a motivating method to get all members to participate.

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