New MYZONE App features for Android Users

August 30, 2016

At MYZONE, we’re committed to constant improvement. We work to improve our products because that means we’re better equipped to improve users health and lives! We’re majorly driven forward by you, our users. You’re constantly showing us that they are an endless number of ways to get the most out of your MYZONE experience. Whether you’re getting creative with your core, spicing up Zumba class, or sticking to the basicsyou continue to show us that the MYZONE system needs to stay as cutting-edge and diverse as our users imaginations.

Because we want the MYZONE App to stay as engaging as your workouts using the MZ-3, we’ve made some recent improvements for our Android users. Take a minute to check out these new features so you can continue to get the most out of each and every workout.

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Feature 1: Updated design

New sleek, more intuitive design allows you to navigate through the different features of the app via the MYZONE MEP Mark. The app is easier to navigate than ever before and keeps your MEP earning and personal progress at the center of it all!

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Features 2: Ability to add photos of your training to your social feed

Want to post a gym selfie? Or a group shot of your cycling class? Within the new Android app, you’re able to add photos straight to your social feed so friends and family can see your progress or see what kinds of workouts or classes are giving you the best results.

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Feature 3: Group Chat function

The chat feature gives you the ability to group friends, family and workout buddies into clusters where you can keep in touch with them via chats about their workouts and goals. Have both a Zumba and Yoga class that you’d like to stay in touch with? Now you can set them up as separate groups to avoid confusion and stay in communication.

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Feature 4: Integrated Music Streaming

Finally! The app is now integrated with popular music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music allowing you to access all your music without having to leave the app! There’s no longer a need to leave the app to pause, switch songs, or change playlists. Now it’s easier than ever to listen to your favorite songs while earning MEPS!

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