Benefits of Group Heart Rate Tracking Devices

February 4, 2016

2015 was a year of exciting fitness trends, wearable tech, indoor spinning, and group training were among some of our favorites. Group training has gained popularity in settings like Crossfit, Pure Barre, Soulcycle, online communities and functional HIIT gyms around the globe. Using group heart rate tracking devices during group training has been a huge industry trend. Tracking devices such as MYZONE increase energy and create a competitive atmosphere during the training session or class. When your group trains harder, they’re more likely to get results, and when they get results, they’re likely to come back for more.

Group training is a trend, but is it a trend worth trying? Is it here to stay? Is a group setting really the place for you to see real results? In this blog we’ll look at a few of the benefits of this type of training and we’ll let you decide if the opportunity is the right choice for you.


Group training is big enough to be fun

Group training is appealing because you know you’re not alone. Effective class sizes are around 10 to 20 people strong, which means it’s the size at which you’re able to get to know everyone. Group members become friends and encouragers in your fitness journey and are able to push you and support you toward meeting your goals.


But small enough to be focused

Groups are small enough in number to where the instructor is still able to give individual attention. When you show up to group and the instructor knows your name, your strengths and your weaknesses, you’re more likely to stick with the program and see results.Th


The perfect commitment length

Effective group training isn’t too long. Most classes require a commitment of 6 to 8 weeks, making each group easy to commit to and not too long so that you don’t get burnt out and quit. 6 to 8 week long groups are also long enough for you to meet new people and make friends, which will make it easier and more likely for you to sign up for another group after the current one ends.

group heart rate tracking devices

Increase motivation with group heart rate tracking devices

When you train by yourself, it’s easier give less than your best. In group training settings, your motivation is boosted by being surrounded by others. Group sessions are typically led by an energetic group leader and the room is often filled with upbeat, high-energy music. By utilizing group heart rate tracking devices there’s even more energy, more fun, and more results. Group training when done in this way is the perfect recipe for giving it your all and keeping your energy up throughout your session.


Stay accountable

When you skip a solo session or even cancel on your trainer, there is little guilt or repercussions to be felt. But when you’re part of a group, surrounded by friends and encouragers–skipping a session becomes much harder. You don’t want to be viewed as the quitter or the weak one of the group, so in a group training setting, you’re more likely to stick with it.

So what do you think? Is group training the training trend for you? Could group training be the training method you need to try to get the results you want? Share your thoughts on Group Training with us using #MYgroup or #EfffortRewarded on social media!

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