The Cardio Struggle is Real

September 29, 2016

Our gyms are full of self-proclaimed “cardio haters”. It’s a sad truth that many trainers and exercisers have come to terms with. But if we’re completely honest and committed to solving the hatred-of-cardio problem, we need to look at the situation objectively. Is the problem really cardio or is there an underlying problem that people just can’t seem to get over? Cardio is easy to stay on top of with your MZ-3 wearable heart rate monitor and can actually be fun.


The top cardio complaints:

1. It’s boring.

Many mentally reduce cardio to a repetitive and mundane form of exercise that has to be fought through—never enjoyed. Why is it that cardio just seems trivial and pointless?

2. It doesn’t give me results.

Strength training and weights-based workouts are often credited as giving exercisers the desired visible results. Why is it that people think cardio doesn’t seem to give the same visible fitness results?

3. I just can’t get into it.

Cardio seems to be an acquired taste for many in and outside of the gym community. Why is it that cardio can’t attract the crowds like weight training and group classes?

MYZONE cardio wearable heart rate monitor

Why is cardio so important?

Cardio works your most important and life-sustaining muscle: your heart! Cardio, which is short for cardiovascular exercise, gets your body moving, your blood circulating, and your heart pumping its way to a healthier state. By consistently focusing your exercise on strengthening your muscles but ignoring exercises that push your heart, you’re missing out on key components of a fit and healthy exercise lifestyle. Cardio can be more enjoyable when tracking it with your wearable heart rate monitor.

Possible solutions to the cardio-hate problem:

1. Switch things up.

Cardio doesn’t have to be reduced to jogging, elliptical machines, treadmill, or swimming. If you find that you’re not able to commit to a daily running program, try circuit training! Circuit training gives you quick and varied exercises so you stay engaged, moving, energized, and your heart stays pumping.

2. Set goals for yourself.

If cardio seems arduous, set some bite-sized goals for yourself to incentivize yourself to be consistent. Maybe a brisk, daily 20-minute walk or a weekly goal of 60 minutes of concentrated cardiovascular work will work best for you, and your wearable heart rate monitor will keep you on track.

3. Make it fun.

Cardio doesn’t have to be drudgery. Try a few different forms of cardio before you decide it’s just not for you. HIIT, kickboxing, running, zumba, make sure to try several different options until you find one you really enjoy!

How do you feel about cardio? Are you the first one in line to get to spin class? Are you a HIIT and circuit training believer because of the great fitness and endurance improvements you’ve seen in your own life? Do you frustratingly find that you’re still in the cardio-hater camp? Have you mapped out a plan to get back into cardio for the sake of calorie burn and for the overall health of your heart? We would love to see your progress and hear how you use your wearable heart rate monitor. Share your cardio victories and struggles with others in the MYZONE community. Share how you’re working to make cardio a part of your weekly routine and tag your photos with #effortrewarded or #myzonemoves and we may just feature you for MYZONE users around the world to see!

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