On the Go Holiday Workouts

December 13, 2016

Holiday months are, in many minds, synonymous with weight gain. Luckily for MYZONE users, this year can be different! Whether you’re hosting the festivities at your place, traveling, or find yourself staying in a hotel–MYZONE is there for you. If you’re going to be busy and away from the gym this holiday season, keep reading for some gym-free tips and suggested workouts that will help you earn MEPs and avoid any excess weight gain this year.

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Step Ups

What you’ll need:

  • Find a park bench, sturdy chair, or ledge of some sort.
  • Free weights, two water bottles, or canned veggies (can also be performed with no extra weight)

How to:

1. Stand facing your platform with your weights in each hand, palms facing inward at your side.

2. Place your right foot on the elevated platform. Step onto it and follow with the other leg using mainly your heel to lift the rest of your body up on to the platform while breathing out.

3. Once your left foot is on the platform, stabilize yourself and prepare to step down.

4. Step down with the left leg by flexing your right hip and knee as you breathe in.

5. Return to your original standing position on the ground by placing your right foot next to the left.

6. Repeat with the right foot and then switch to leading with the left.

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Walk, Jog, Run, Hike

There’s always a place where you can walk, jog, or run! Hotels often times have gyms, and if they don’t, there is most likely a place outside that you can take a few laps or walk around to see the sites. This is an easy activity that will get your blood flowing, earn you MEPs, and give you a chance to clear your head or blow off stress that often results from getting together with those family members you only see once or twice a year!

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Going to a friend or family member’s house who has a pool? Bring your suit along and get a solid workout in while you’re there! Swimming is a popular form of cardio for those who don’t really like cardio. And because you’re in cool water that keeps you from overheating, you’ll be able to give your heart a longer workout! Your arms, legs, glutes, back and core are all engaged while you’re swimming which helps you to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. And because you’re in water, you have less strain on your joints which makes this a great exercise for all ages and fitness levels.

Setting a MEP goal for the holidays is a great way to make sure you don’t settle into a lazy routine. MYZONE’s group fitness heart rate monitoring system can help motivate you to keep meeting your goals and competing with your gym buddies. If you’re determined to earn a set number of MEPS, you’ll be more likely to make a plan and make time to get your heart pumping. What exercises will be your go-to’s this holiday season? We would love to know if you meet your goals. Share with us on social media using #effortrewarded and #myzonemoves and we, along with the rest of the MYZONE community, can cheer you on!

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