MYZONE Heart Rate Tracker Gets You Active as a Family

October 20, 2016

We all know it’s easier to get and stay fit when there are people around us to keep us accountable. Your family can be either your biggest motivators or your biggest distraction from staying healthy and active. Luckily, with MYZONE’s heart rate tracker, it’s fun and easy to involve your whole family. Kids and parents alike can have a blast competing with themselves and each other to earn MEPS and to level up each month. If you’ve invested in MYZONE but are still looking for ways to get you and your family more active, read on to see if our suggestions may fit into your family routine.

Get Active as a Family with MYZONE heart rate

Make games out of chores

You and your kids can work to knock out the weekend chores by creating a story around the chore checklist. Maybe you can all pretend that you’re superheroes and you have to quickly fly around the room to pick up and put away the toys. Perhaps you can have a race to see who can fold laundry the fastest or clean the bathroom the quickest. Whatever the chores are that need done, make sure you have a story or an incentive prize at the end to motivate the whole family to pitch in and get moving.

Have a dance party

Take some time to have fun and laugh together. Why not share some of you old favorite tunes with the kids by mixing in some old school with the new school during a family dance party? Move the furniture in the living room so you have plenty of room to bust a move. See how much you can make your kids laugh by bringing back some moves from your high school years.

Get the neighbors involved

Have a good relationship with your neighbors? Maybe you can get a game of street hockey or flag football going with other families on your street. With the help of your MZ-3, you may be surprised about how high your heart rate gets from a friendly game of freeze tag or kickball!

MYZONE heart rate with the family

Get outdoors

There are tons of activities that your family can take part in outdoors. Find the nearest park and walk around, be a kid again and play on the equipment and go down the slides. Have bikes? Take them out for a spin! Whether you have time to go around the neighborhood or take a day to bike around your entire town, your family is sure to love spending time together while you gain MEPs using your heart rate tracker. 

Take advantage of commercial breaks

We all know commercial breaks are way too long, so what not capitalize on the dead time between your favorite show by turning them into a quick circuit training opportunity? Teach your kids that you don’t have to choose television OR exercise, that it’s possible to do both. Jumping jacks, planks, wall sits, lunges, squats, make a list of moves and keep a timer handy. Do as many repetitions as you can within a 30 second time span until your show comes back on. You’ll get your heart rate up, earn MEPS, and (as an added bonus) you’ll wear the kids out before bedtime.

Do you have everyday ways to keep your family active? We would love to see you and your loved ones putting your MZ-3’s MYZONE heart rate tracker to use! Share your favorite family exercise routines with us and others in the MYZONE community on social media using #myzonemoves and #effortrewarded.

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