Motivated Members are Paying Members

November 10, 2015

You as a HIIT gym operator can harness the power of a fixed cost business. A small movement in revenue has a big impact on your bottom line (try multiplying your cancelled members per year x monthly dues x 3 additional months and then add that final number to your profit line). Let MYZONE help you motivate members to stay longer, expanding that bottom line.

MYZONE’s mission is to help gym operators by tapping into the motivational psyche of your member. By using MEPs combined with game-mechanics, the MYZONE system gives each user a sense of instant achievement, immediate accomplishment, and progress throughout their fitness journey. By doing so, the chemical dopamine is released in the members brain, creating a positive association with this set of behaviors, thus gaining the motivation to continue exercising. When your members minds connect exercise with reward and satisfaction through achievement, they will be coming back for more sessions more often—and probably won’t be able to put their finger on the reason why!

UKActive, the independent industry body in England, released a study proving that retention went from 65% to 77% due to the power of MYZONE tracking. Multiple case studies have also been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of MYZONE group heart rate tracking in various gyms, HIIT clubs, and fitness facilities around the globe.

Are you ready to use MYZONE to improve your retention and profits?

HIIT clubs can get started with their own gamification-inspired group heart rate monitor system for an investment as small as $900. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more.

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