Katie Bulmer-Cooke: One of the best additions to my group PT program

January 12, 2016

Guest post: Katie Bulmer-Cooke | UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012 & UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013 |Entrepreneur | Consultant | Speaker

I’ve been aware of MYZONE for quite some time, having seen exhibitions at some of the biggest UK conferences, conventions and trade shows, and was always impressed with the concept but always thought that it wasn’t something I’d be able to use with my members as I hire a venue for my group PT program that doesn’t have the a big screen like those we see in the spin studios of the large health clubs…how wrong I was!

MYZONE is one of the best additions I’ve brought to my group PT program, Real Results Club, and it’s had a huge impact. Here’s why…


1. It’s easy to use…phew!

I wanted a way of ACCURATELY tracking member’s workouts and intensity but it couldn’t be something you need a degree to operate, and MYZONE certainly delivered on this front…belt on, open the app, line up the phones at the front of the room and let’s crack on.


2. It does more than I expected.

Yes it tracks workouts and intensity but it does so much more. I’m now able to set challenges, track what members are eating and monitor their progress with body shots. If you’re a PT program believer like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced having food diaries coming in in different forms, from email to scraps of paper. This gets everything in the same format and in one place, and the best part is it’s done by photograph so there is no room for cheating!


3. It’s given my members a new focus.

With all the stuff that’s in the media such as body shaming and celeb diets, it’s easy to see why so many people become totally hung up on aesthetics and focus less on the all of the other aspects of health and fitness. MYZONE gives you so many healthy things to focus on, from heart rate and intensity to the great effort points system. All of these factors have really captivated myPT program members, and having them focus on accruing points has increased their work rate and attendance and as a result, they are taking their results to the next level too.


4. It’s helped create a fitness family.

Prior to MYZONE, my members were a pretty tight group already…very friendly and inclusive, but since the introduction of MYZONE, it’s got people who may have not interacted with each other as much talking. There is lots of MYZONE related banter, banter equals relationships, and relationships equal retention!


5. It makes my service stand out from the regular group training sessions or local boot camps.

Having MYZONE as part of my offering gives my members increased value and makes my service stand out from the competition. You can offer it as an up-sell product, as I do, or build it into a joining fee or the monthly membership fee.  

MYZONE has benefited both myself as a trainer and business owner and my members in just a few months, and we all plan to continue using it throughout 2016!

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