Add an Innovative, Interactive System to Drive Up Sales

October 6, 2015

“Small business 101” tells us to acknowledge that we need ‘competitive advantage’, ‘differentiators’, ‘unique selling propositions’ or simply ‘stuff the other guy doesn’t have’ to help win sales in any given 3 mile gym market. Given that wearables are the hottest consumer trend in the world right now, with a growth rate 5 times that of the smartphone growth 6 years ago, and with physical fitness trackers leading the way in wearables—why would you not strike at this opportunity?

When a prospect tours your gym, they are looking for a solution to their problem on one hand, but worrying on the other hand that they won’t follow through with their usage of the membership. Many times this concern remains silent. The prospect may have failed before and now know how tough staying motivated really is, or they may just feel heavy when they consider the concept of consistent exercise as a daily habit, weekly, monthly habit.

In this common situation, MYZONE can be a powerful addition to your sales tour. MYZONE can show the prospect that if they focus on what they can control, working to earn MEPs on a monthly basis, they will get their desired results. The pitch of MYZONE will help them to focus on the process, not just the outcome.

We all like games, we all like progress, and we all like an immediate sense of achievement. If this is true, why not add MYZONE to your sales mix and drive up sales and show each new prospect that you have cutting edge technology that is simple and fun, yet powerful. Why not overcome that silent objection better than the gym up the road?

HIIT clubs can get started with their own workout effort tracking ecosystem for an investment as small as $900 to drive up sales. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more about MYZONE.

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