Let MYZONE Add Value to Your Personal Training Packages

October 19, 2015

“Gym memberships pay the bills, personal training revenue drives profit.” This is a broad statement, but not far off the mark! A similar method is seen in the airline industry with coach and first class. Though it is worth noting that the airline industry does everything in its power to make that first class ticket worth it. Warm towels, flatter beds, silverware, the list goes on. Not all are huge changes, but all are valuable, and the same principle can easily be applied to your gym.

The MZ-3 along with the MYZONE App helps build the enhanced value of training during sessions. It shows the member that their trainer can now keep them accountable to their cardio homework, and even engage in their diet choices via photo food tracking. The app helps elevate the trainer to the role of a coach over the member’s entire week, even when they are outside of the gym.

The MYZONE app helps trainers add immense value to personal training and group fitness tracking with little effort. Leveraging exercise, trainer feedback, and food tracking technology. Trainers can even interact with clients via SMS and email to give both acknowledgement and corrective feedback between training sessions. These small, but valuable acts drive PT revenue via differentiation and retention of PT, and make those personalized PT packages feel like first class seats.

HIIT clubs can get started with their own group fitness tracking system for an investment as small as $900. Talk with a customer service agent to find out more.

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