Steve Agyei – Celebrity Trainer

October 12, 2015

Celebrity personal trainer Steve Agyei, has become a fan of MYZONE after using the technology to help clients achieve their goals at Daley Thompson’s new gym.

A personal trainer for 20 years and founder of fitness and wellbeing business, Beyond Lifestyle, Agyei’s current client list includes Cherie Blair, Emma Bunton and Louie Spence. He discovered MYZONE when helping former Olympic athlete, Daley Thompson launch his new gym, Daley Fitness, earlier this year. He has been a devotee of the technology ever since.

Agyei says, “MYZONE is an amazing tool for personal trainers working in a gym environment. It allows you to train smarter. I’ve been training people for years, so am pretty good at gauging how hard I’m working clients. I knew people were burning a lot of calories in my sessions, but MYZONE showed that clients were actually hitting 1,000 calories in a one-hour session. It allowed me to exactly assess their recovery. Having this level of insight is invaluable for a personal trainer.”

One client lost 12kg of fat in 10 weeks while working iwth Agyei at Daley Fitness using MYZONE.

“The level of intensity Liz worked at in her session was fantastic and her MYZONE heart rate monitor showed that she was rarely out of the high intensity yellow zone of 80 percent of her maximum heart rate. Liz looks completely different to the lady I showed around the gym when it first opened,” he says.

Such progress is all the more possible with MYZONE, which is a huge motivator for both clients and trainers, says Agyei.

“Clients love it. They like seeing how they performed in a class or PT session and they’re really interested in the graphs and their statistics. It sparks conversations in the gym and makes them much more enthusiastic about their next session.”

“For personal trainers, MYZONE gives you the information to develop your training and experience to get better results for clients. The basics of exercise haven’t changed very much, but the way we assess the impact of physical activity with tools like MYZONE has changed dramatically. People want to see the hard facts about their workouts, so it’s vital that personal trainers like me get on board with technology like MYZONE to help clients fulfill their objectives,” he says.

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