MYZONE Boosts Profit and Retention at Outdoor Studio

May 5, 2017

An independent outdoor training studio has improved retention and increased profits since working with MYZONE’s heart rate app at the start of the year.

Tucked away down a country lane in Newport, The Body Barn offers a unique training experience that caters for all age groups and ability levels. The training style is raw and functional, and the classes and equipment used during workouts are a far cry from those found in a typical gym. Members of this bespoke outdoor studio flip tires, swing hammers, slam ropes and push sleds as part of their training programmes, which change every two weeks.


“Whilst we always aim to make our classes as fun as possible, we are very much about results-based training, so the sessions push members to their limits. We pride ourselves on achieving radical body transformations for our clients that are unrivalled locally,” says Body Barn owner Danny Robb.

This explains why Robb trialed MYZONE with two members in January 2017.

“We don’t push our members to purchase anything; we merely recommend items we believe are beneficial. When the two members were trialing the belts, their workout data was posted to our social media accounts allowing other members to see what we were doing,” explains Robb.

A temporary screen was installed during a group session allowing other members to see how MYZONE’s heart rate app worked and the data it provides.

“After this, it was a domino effect. The interest increased and one by one, more members joined in,” he says.

The Body Barn currently has 53 members using MYZONE, including two GB triathletes, who take part in both personal training and group classes.


Members receive a free seven-day trial of the technology and are linked to another MYZONE user who mentors them about the heart rate app. They are also added to the Body Barn’s MYZONE group, which allows them to be part of the studio’s various challenges and engage with other users. Following the trial, members are asked if they’d like to purchase a MYZONE belt. So far, every one of them has said yes. 

Of the 53 members that have purchased belts, 35 have since upgraded their membership to attend more sessions each.

“As a business, we have not only retained members but profits have also increased. We don’t make money from the sale of the belts, but we have profited from existing members increasing their monthly memberships,” says Robb.

“Socially, MYZONE has created a whole new dynamic. Members who may not have been linked before are now interacting with each other; they are comparing MEPs at the end of sessions, and supporting and congratulating each other.

“There are also lots of group chats through the app allowing members to interact outside the Body Barn. We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere and MYZONE fits perfectly with this ethos.”

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